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Requirements for a Valid Return

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, you may return it as long as your item meets the following criteria:

  • It is within seven (7) days from the delivery date, unless otherwise stated in the product description
  • The item is in NEW condition
  • The item is in its ORIGINAL packaging, with all accessories intact (including manuals, warranty cards, certificates of authenticity, tags, etc.)
  • If the item came with a free promotional item, the free item must also be returned


How to Return

Once your request for a return has been approved, an instruction on how to ship your order back to us will be sent via email or phone.

Below are the usual steps on how to return your order.

#1 You will be asked to ship the package. Methods vary depending on the location.

  • Metro Manila: We will schedule a pick up for your order via our preferred couriers. Your order will most likely be picked up on the delivery address indicated in your order unless instructed otherwise.
  • Provincial: You may ship your package via LBC or JRS Express.

#2 Upon receiving the item, an assessment will be performed. Processing time is 3-5 days after the order is received.

#3 You will be informed of the result through email or phone depending on your preference.


How Returns are Processed

We will notify you once we have received your return. We will conduct an evaluation within five (5) business days and notify you that we are processing your refund or replacement. If a return is invalid, we will notify you as well and send the item back to you.


Valid Reasons for Returns

  • Damaged: Damaged upon delivery
  • Defective: Item is not authentic or not sealed / tampered
  • Incorrect or Wrong Item: Not the product the customer ordered
  • Missing Items or Parts: Missing items/parts as indicated in the packaging
  • Website Error: Item does not match website specifications, description, or image, and the issue attributable to a website error / information


Invalid Reasons for Returns

Below are invalid reasons for returns. Returns due to the reasons stated below will not be accepted.

  • Customer changes mind: Due to the sensitive nature of our products particularly regarding handling and storage, we will not accept returns if the reason is the customer changes his/her mind. Please be 100% sure about the products you are buying.
  • Results not as expected (Supplements): In general, supplements have no therapeutic claims. As such, results vary depending on the individual using them. It may or it may not work for you.


Returns prior to Shipping

If the customer changes his/her order before we ship the order, changes will be accepted. It is only after the order is shipped that we do not accept returns.



Refund Methods

The refund process begins after we have completed evaluating your return and sent you a notification. To process your refund more quickly, you have the option to request a refund via gift voucher/store credit. Otherwise, your refund will be refunded according to the following:

  • Credit Card / PayPal: Refunds will be done via PayPal. Processing time is 5 - 15 working days.
  • Bank Transfer: Refunds will be deposited to the preferred bank of the customer. Processing time is 3 - 7 working days.